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Introducing Organize My Mess, your Kauai go-to solution for organizing businesses, homes, and – your life. With a deep understanding of the fear that comes with getting organized, Pattie offers a helping hand to guide you through the process. She respects your choices and empowers you to decide what to keep, donate, or toss. Rest assured, she will never throw out anything without your permission. Say goodbye to chaos and stress, and embrace the joy of simplified living.


A professional, experienced home organizer, can effortlessly transform your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, office space, and more. Pattie can guide you on a journey towards decluttering and creating a harmonious living environment that reflects your truest self. Embrace the latest trends in home organization and unlock the potential of your space with Organize My Mess. Why wait? Take the first step towards a clutter-free life.

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Recent Projects

Step into a world of transformation and witness the relief of decluttering your living and work spaces. Some of Pattieʻs recent projects are featured below, showcasing her expert organizational skills. Pattie can bring order to any space from bedroom makeovers to streamlined home offices. You deserve the joy and freedom of a well organized home.


Home Office Before being organized


Home Office After being organized


Before image of bedroom make over and re-organization


After image of bedroom makeover and reorganization


A messy unorganized laundry room


Organized laundry room

About Pattie & Her Process

Pattie Krebs, the talented professional behind Organize My Mess, provides comprehensive organizing services customized to meet your unique needs. Through an initial consultation and a hands-on 4-hour session, Pattie utilizes her expertise and own materials to effectively declutter and strategize your home for efficiency including offices, closets, garages, pantries, and more. Going beyond mere organization, Pattie goes the extra mile by helping you establish new habits and streamlined processes, ensuring a clutter-free and simplified way of living. With her empathetic approach, she fosters a sense of partnership and guidance throughout your decluttering journey, offering a therapeutic experience that acknowledges the sentimental value attached to your personal belongings. Embrace the satisfaction and peace of a well-organized life, promoting harmony and simplicity in your living environment.

“You’ll find my enthusiasm for organization knows no bounds. With 25 years of experience managing leading Bay Area grocery stores and delighting friends with legendary closet makeovers, my dedication to creating orderly spaces is unwavering. Since 2017, I’ve proudly called Kauai my home, cherishing the opportunity to serve our island community. Excited to assist you in organizing and decluttering, ready to offer support without judgment, and eager to collaborate on your projects together”


Pattie Krebs, Organize My Mess Kauai
Katy’s Hair Salon

Pattie re-merchandised our retail shelves at our hair salon which were in disarray and dusty. Pattie strategically worked through each section of products and arranged them to perfection. As the former owner of a grocery store chain, Pattie has a comprehensive understanding of how people shop for products. Our retail shelves are now sparkling clean. And the most exciting part is that since she completed the work, I have noticed a significant uptick in product sales!

Lee Ann’s Retail Store

Patti was amazing!!! She spent 2 days reorganizing, dusting, and arranging our retail shelves to perfection, specifically grouping them by color, brand, height, and best sellers. It was a very time-consuming tedious job. She was super professional bringing in her own table and cleaning tools. I can’t thank her enough for her organizing and cleaning skills. She truly loves her job and it shows in her work.

Tom’s Condo

I want to thank Pattie for spending the time to help me organize my mess in my condo. I have been wanting to do the purging for a long time and could not get started. Pattie got the ball rolling!  She motivated me and gave me direction and I could not have done it without her guidance and patience.

Katy’s Pantry

With three small kids at home, I decided to hire Pattie to redo my pantry. Pattie was prompt and professional. The thing that left the biggest impression on me was how thorough her consultation was. She asked me questions about what I use the most and what I want at eye level. She left everything orderly and accessible. Even the kids know where to find snacks now! Thank you Pattie for making finding food so much easier!

Yuki’s Home

Pattie did wonders for my two bedrooms and screened-in patio in just two days. She did it in a very professional and gentle way. I was so used to walking around my things but now I realize where everything goes. My house has a more open feeling and it is much easier to clean. I highly recommend her service.  You will not be disappointed.

Walk-in Closet

My walk-in closet had sadly demerited to the point that I couldn’t find anything. Pattie took command and asked me key questions. When was the last time I had worn this shirt or pants? Boy, was there a pile for Goodwill! I now feel like a weight was taken off my shoulders. The results have given me a sense of calm.

Karen’s Office

After three years in our small condo in Kapa’a, I was tearing my hair out trying to file taxes and get bills paid. Personal documents and memorabilia were all jumbled up in old boxes. Pattie arrived on time, determined my needs and fears, and then calmly and gently guided me through the process of sorting, filing, and getting rid of unneeded clutter. Now I have everything I need at my fingertips. This is the most organized I’ve ever been in my life.

Robin’s Laundry Room

Pattie was a lifesaver! Our laundry room was a mix of empty and near-empty cleaners, orphan socks, rags, and piles of clean and dirty laundry. The ironing board and iron were arranged haphazardly with a variety of hangers. Not anymore! Now my family takes pride in keeping the area clean and organized.

Beth’s Closet

Pattie, you are truly a miracle worker!  Thank you for organizing and tackling years of “loved” items, making my closet space more efficient and greatly improving its appearance!  You have also changed my habits with your helpful tips.  You are a true professional!  Thanks so much!

Let’s Get Started!

Contact Pattie at Organize My Mess to set up a complimentary in-house consultation. Her services start with a minimum booking of 4 hours at a rate of $95 per hour, with flexible payment options including credit cards, debit cards, and cash.  Please note that the cost of organizing products is separate from the service fee.

Finding New Homes for Unwanted Items

As part of Pattie’s commitment to community and sustainability, she also offers free delivery of usable donations to Kauai Habitat for Humanity.  Everything we donate is in working condition, cleaned and organized into categories before it is dropped off.  We never charge for this service unless our client needs a documented charity receipt.

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Organized womenʻs clothing closet